Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Throw Away from Fall Weather

Most of the time (read: 97% of the time), I am a homebody. I love the quiet; I crave the comfort and I have been this way since I was a little girl. It is because of my hermit ways that I created this blog; it’s been mildly successful at pulling me off my couch. However, I still love curling up and watching a show, reading a book, or just looking out at the lake. With fall approaching quickly, I am in need of a new blanket for the couch (the old blanket fell apart in the washing machine and has never looked the same). There is something so comforting about sitting on the couch, or a chair, and wrapping yourself in a giant blanket…and when you drag the bottom half on the floor on the way to the kitchen and back for another glass of wine. After much research I found this Ralph Lauren blanket. It is soft, neutral, and large enough that I could disappear under it. It will be my weekend project to secure one of my own...I'm thinking the camel color. September and October…I’m ready!!

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