Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jackson Pollock

As mentioned here, I am a major scarf person and given the weather this season I am extremely happy scarves are one of my choice accessories. I bought this Jackson-Pollock-inspired scarf back in college after I did particularly poorly on an exam-the expression retail therapy trumped saving my money for groceries and gas. Though it was not the most well-thought-out purchase, I am so glad I scooped it up, as I have never seen another scarf like it. Paired with an eye-popping teal clutch, my otherwise androgynous look is appropriate for work, brunch or a casual night out.   

 J.Crew shirt // rag + bone pants // Frye boots // borrowed necklace  // J. Crew jacket // Tiffany sunglasses // Loft earrings // J. Crew clutch // Tolani scarf // Essie’s smokin’ hot nails