Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally: Embeya

I am so pleased to say I have finally been to Embeya, recently named Esquire’s best new Chicago restaurant, and I was blown away by my experience. After hearing wonderful feedback, I met one of my good friends for a leisurely lunch during restaurant week; accompanied with a glass of wine, a well- recommended Cabernet Franc, I was fortunate enough to sample several dishes from both the restaurant week menu and the traditional lunch menu. Each and every plate was impeccably dressed and tasted better than the previous. Among the sampled fare were the following stand-outs: green papaya salad, shrimp wraps, rice noodle salad, chicken roulade (pictured) and the fried banana dessert (I’ll take four more). I’m sure if I’d have sampled every item on the menu, this blog post would’ve looked more like a mouth-watering dissertation, but I digress; every employee was perfectly hospitable and a brief conversation with Attila Gyulai, himself, left me with nothing more than a desire to dine at Embeya every day. Thank you to everyone who made our lunch a pleasant one; I hope to return very soon and would encourage all looking for a new restaurant experience to give it a visit. 

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