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All content found on Living’s As Easy As 312 is copyrighted and controlled by me. All opinions are my own and I try my best to give credit where credit is due. All advertisements, products, posts, and links are chosen by me; I will only endorse products that I truly love. The integrity of this site is important to me; therefore, I will always disclose when an item has been gifted via c/o (courtesy of). If you are interested in: sending me a product to review or style, advertising on my site, or have inquiries about guest-posting opportunities, please contact me at livingeasy312blog@gmail.com. Additionally, if you have any questions about the site in general, please contact me via the aforementioned address. All products sent to me are subject to my review.

I am incredibly proud of my content and of course you can use pictures! (…but please make sure to link back to the site)! J

The only personal information used and seen by Living’s As Easy As 312 is what you, the viewer, leave via the comment section. Non-personal information, such as: an IP address, the type of search engine you are using, the duration of your stay on the site, your geographic location, and/or key search words used to find this site, may be used by Blogger or any affiliate sites. Living’s As Easy As 312 will not sell or share any of your information.

Affiliates and Links:
This site does contain affiliate links and, in some cases, links are monetized on a per click basis. Living’s As Easy As 312 is not responsible for the content of those sites and any questions about cookies and policies of specific links should be directed to the specific site’s privacy policies.

Policy Modification:
Living’s As Easy As 312 may modify the privacy policies of the site at any time. Continued use of the site is accepting any change in policy.

Last Modification:
October 17, 2013

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