Monday, January 6, 2014

Hibachi Vegetables

Growing up, I developed a love for Japanese steakhouses and each year for my birthday, my family would take me to get hibachi. I love the food and I love the almost too orchestrated show the chef puts on while cooking your food. Since moving downtown, I haven’t been to a hibachi steakhouse and, since it’s a production to get to such a restaurant from our neighborhood, a couple of weeks ago I decided to try making hibachi of my own. I’ve been to Benihana (among many other Japanese steakhouses) so many times that I had a good idea of how to create my favorites. The greatest success of the evening: the hibachi vegetables; they were absolutely delicious! I’ll still need to perfect the steak marinade and the shrimp, but the DIY hibachi will be on the dinner list from now on.

-Sesame Oil (or vegetable oil)
-Soy Sauce
-1/2 stick butter
-Sesame Seeds

Sauté chopped vegetables in melted butter, oil, salt and pepper. Once vegetables browned, add soy sauce and sesame seeds. Continue cooking for an additional 5 minutes. Serve warm. If desired, add a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

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  1. Yum! I recently made the soup they serve at Habachi restaurants- it was so good!