Monday, December 9, 2013

How To: Holiday Champagne Tray

Yesterday afternoon, Dan and I put up our tree and decorated the rest of the apartment. Because we didn’t have to go outside, the snow made the afternoon magical and inspired us to continue celebrating the holiday spirit after dinner. We always tend to keep a bottle of champagne on hand for spontaneous celebrations or for last-minute gifts; but, I decided to use ours last night and I have no regrets. While Dan went out to get me a can of soup I could eat for lunch, I put together a Champagne tray that we could enjoy by the tree while we watched a Christmas movie. The tray made the Champagne special and personalized and I will absolutely be utilizing the champagne tray several times this holiday season. Simple to throw together, it would be the perfect addition to any holiday party and it would be a fabulous hostess gift. In the spirit of the Second City Food, Wine + Social Club’s second event, I was getting myself prepared to taste some bubbly! 


  1. What a fun idea! This is so festive, cute and would yes, would definitely make a great hostess gift! Have fun at the dinner tonight! Bummed I can't be there:/

  2. This is very cute!! I want to dress up my ice bucket and wine/ champaign now!

  3. Looks very good and inviting ;) xx