Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five

Today I teamed up with Andrew, of Food Truck Finder, to bring you five food trucks you must visit in Chicago this fall/winter. One of my best friends turned me on to food trucks and I can’t get enough! In fact, I am helping her find food trucks to cater her wedding. Food Truck Finder contains a wealth of information to help you find what you are looking for, I use it weekly.

His five picks are:

1) The Vault Van – One of the best donuts in Chicago, served up in a delivery truck from the 1950s with a three-on-the-tree transmission.  The Vault Van contains a vast variety of donuts, especially old-fashions, and typically has a greater variety than the Doughnut Vault itself! Gina, the mastermind behind the Vault Van, typically comes back to the Doughnut Vault after truck hours and sells the rest of the donuts there.

2) The Big Shish - Not many people know this truck exists; however, they have fantastic food.  I usually get a platter of beef tenderloin shishkabob, toubaleh salad, faro, and pita for 10 dollars. 

3) The Fat Shallot - Everyone loves the fat shallot because their food is fantastic and the owners are really nice.  Here's a BLT I had from them. It is a must try!  

4) La Adelita - I love Adelita 'cause he makes really flavorful Mexican food, home-fried tortilla chips, and spicy salsa.  I tend to stay away from the tortas and focus on the platters.  Teddy is the co-owner and drives the truck.  They cook their food out of Cupcakes for Courage's kitchen in Elmhurst and on weekends they have an amazing Mexican Breakfast that is definitely worth the drive there.

5) The Eastman Egg - They make really tasty egg sandwiches out of quality, local ingredients (Slagel Farm eggs).  I've only had them a few times 'cause I usually get downtown later in the morning after they've already left...but the few times I have had them, I loved their food.


  1. Love The Fat Shallot! The owners really are super nice and their truffle fries are delicious!!

  2. We need a food truck tour when I'm home next month

  3. I wish this truck could make it to Europe! Yumm!!

  4. I'm a little embarrassed..I've never had anything from a food truck! So this list is incredibly helpful and one of these days I'll actually venture out and try one!