Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Scotch Coffee

To deviate from wine for a few days, Dan and I have been playing around with different after dinner drinks. Anytime we have a cocktail, 85% of the bottle is left in the cabinet and it isn’t discovered again for another few weeks. We recently discovered that due to our lack of variation, we had a full cabinet and it was time to make something different. We settled on an after dinner drink that would be popular with both men and women: Scotch Coffee. Traditional Irish coffee is good, but Scotch coffee is slightly sweeter with less bite, especially with whipped cream. Simply prepare a shot of espresso and mix with: an ounce of good Scotch whiskey, a pinch of brown sugar and a large helping of whipped cream. With Thanksgiving coming in a couple of days, this would be a perfect party drink and absolutely delicious with a slice of pumpkin pie

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