Monday, November 18, 2013

Pasta with Italian Sausage and Parsley

Everyone has days that result in craving savory food. Sometimes it’s because you had a shitty day at work, sometimes it’s because the weather is depressing, who knows, but a few nights ago, we had one of those days. A big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine sounded perfect, especially if I got to huddle under a warm blanket while eating. We decided to make pasta with parsley and Italian sausage; it is absolutely delicious and has been a staple on our savory food menu for a while. While the water heats, simply cook an onion and Italian sausage in chicken broth. Once pasta is al dente, mix the sausage, onions, and parsley together (pepper to taste). It is so simple and unbelievably good. With many wintery-weather months ahead, this is a good recipe to keep in your back pocket. 

P.S. I am SO happy to announce that Nicole of Cedar and Rush has won the giveaway!


  1. That sounds like my kind of meal everyday!! This looks delish and I love how easy it is! This will be a perfect addition to our weeknight menu! Congrats to Nicole! So bummed I forgot to enter...#scatterbrain

  2. Hi Katharine, this is Sadhana from Vimbly. I tried emailing you a few times, but I'm not sure if my emails have been going through. When you get a chance, can you send me a quick message at Thanks!

  3. Thanks Megan! We make it all the time. It's such an easy week night (or any night) dinner! P.s. More giveaways coming soon!