Thursday, August 15, 2013


{Soft, buttery cookies coated in cinnamon and sugar}
I love cookies. Much like other indulgences such as chocolate, candied bacon, and of course, red wine. A couple of days ago I had had enough of studying and decided to make snickerdoodles instead. Using my mom’s recipe, similar here, I made 4 dozen cookies even though I ate a couple spoonfuls of dough before I baked them. They are just as good as I remember and I’m sure I will save a couple to send with my sister before she leaves for college tomorrow. Note: if the batter is slightly dry, add water a teaspoon at a time until all dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed. 

{Gathering all ingredients}
{Combining dry ingredients}
{Sifting dry ingredients}
{Mixing it all together-one cup of dry ingredients into the wet at a time}
{Coated in cinnamon and sugar}
{Perfect cookies in the oven!}

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