Monday, July 15, 2013

Laundry: To Infinity and Beyond

I hate laundry…always have and probably always will. In fact, I really don’t know anyone that likes it, but when we were apartment hunting having a washer/dryer in unit was a must. The thought of lugging our laundry to a separate location and lugging it back sounded dreadful. As a kid, I know I associated doing laundry with the scene in Home Alone where Kevin thinks he will be eaten by the furnace and honestly, not much has changed. Our laundry unit is not only the tiniest washer/dryer I’ve ever seen, it also sounds like a spaceship. Regardless of what we place on top of the unit, detergent, the iron, or nothing at all, every time the unit is on it sounds like a space shuttle is taking off. It is so loud that it masks the tv on full volume. Furthermore, there is a never-ending pile of laundry in our closet that never goes away. Last week I broke down and took the laundry to my parents' house and did it at home. It went quickly and best of all, I couldn’t hear the machines. Having a washing machine in unit is still nice for small loads of dish towels and emergency I-need-this-top-in-two-hours loads, but the appeal of lugging laundry to a different location to avoid the space shuttle take-off is growing.
Reason one I feel like I am an adult: I can’t wait to own a high-quality laundry set.

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