Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mustard-ing the Strength

{Our vast mustard collection}
Yesterday, I took a break from studying and decided to clean the fridge. There were a few items that were probably not so good anymore, like my fried rice from last week and the six bags of carb-conscious tortillas, that I am glad I found even though my initial goal was to stop staring at chemistry. While cleaning out the fridge, I came across a substantial (read: embarrassing) mustard collection. Now, I love mustard and probably use it to enhance far too many meals, but I must admit I wasn’t aware of how many we truly had. See for yourself…

{Two types of Inglehoffer mustard-both delicious}
(A German mustard in the shape of a stein}
{A delicious, Dijon mustard with basil- wonderful on hand-packed burgers}

{The same mustard with two different marketing labels...}


  1. I think we need a post on mustard dominated recipes now!

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  3. Are you sure this wasn't Peter Szabo's fridge? :)

    1. I thought so, too, but apparently there is a walk-in cooler :-)

  4. I have a separate walk-in cooler dedicated to gourmet mustards.