Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping In

{Wash and rinse vegetables-I normally use potatoes, carrots, and onions}
When I was nine, my parents agreed to let me go to overnight camp for two weeks. I was hooked instantaneously and eventually worked as a counselor for a couple years. Even though I am no longer working there, the traditions have stuck with me, so much so that we made Hobo meals for dinner a few nights ago. It brought back floods of campout memories; fetching firewood, peeling potatoes on a tree stump, and throwing oddly shaped foil onto the fire were among a few of the flashbacks. Though we have no fire/fireplace, the oven worked just fine and they were as good as I remember. Hobo meals were one of my favorite things about camp. Anyone else have a favorite camp tradition?
{Cut up vegetables-or peel with vegetable peeler to make them thinner}
{Butter a piece of foil, add vegetables, pieces of broken bread, and pieces of a broken hamburger}
{We added smoke-flavored sea salt in lieu of a campfire-similar here}
{Wrap in tin foil; bake @375 for 30 minutes; add salt, pepper, mustard to taste}

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