Wednesday, July 10, 2013


From the time I was a small child I have had a crippling fear of birds…all birds. I can remember myriad occasions where I made a scene to avoid going near a bird. When my family visited the Tower of London I used my sister as a shield against pigeons and the giant, black ravens that were flying too close to my head. I also remember being on vacation in Mexico and refusing to eat at a restaurant because there was a chicken roaming around. I made my mother stand outside with me while I sobbed, hungry. You’d think that a fear of birds would slowly fade as I got older. Maybe I should realize that they are birds, they are stupid and small, and they can’t hurt me. Well, that hasn’t happened and since I have been living in the city I have realized that pigeons are numerous and they are not afraid of people. I am sure it’s comical to watch me walk around. I will cross the street three times on the same block to avoid walking near a pigeon and my boyfriend conceded to turning the corner before me to scout out potential sneak attacks. I can’t even trust a pigeon on the other side of the street, beady eyes and all. They are so unpredictable and will fly at your face without pausing. I love living in the city and attending food festivals, like the Taste, which starts today!! However, every time I am near food I have a minor panic attack because I am just waiting for a pigeon to try and take it from me. I’d love to know, anyone else have a ridiculous fear?

P.S. I about had a heart attack finding these pictures


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  1. I have a fear that I will always live 2000 miles away from my best friend and my only way of knowing about her life will be by reading her blog daily and wishing I could adventure with her in chicago.