Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Ways to Start 2014 on the Right Foot

Taking a page from Nicole, of Cedar and Rush, I wanted to share one of my New Year’s resolutions; I have decided to shape up in 2014. Over the course of the next year and a half I will be in two weddings, which both require pictures and toned arms, but I also want to start feeling better. I find that when I drink the recommended amount of water and eat healthy, I feel SO good and have more energy than when I drink a large pot of coffee. I will absolutely still enjoy wine, cookies, pasta, eating out etc, however, I think by observing portion control I can reduce the sluggish behavior that follows a meal at Morton’s and replace said behavior with productivity and smaller pants. I am in no way saying I’m forever dieting; in fact, I’m doing the opposite. Here are a few ways I plan on getting into gear:

1.      Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. Before a shower, before coffee, before my feet hit the ground, I will have a glass of water.
2.      Take a shower and get dressed before I have coffee or breakfast. Hopefully this will keep me from sitting on the couch and drinking an entire pot of coffee. On mornings I wish to work out, eat a good breakfast but skip the coffee until after the workout.
3.      Establish a well-thought-out routine each morning and write it down. This to-do list will (hopefully) ensure I will be productive and keep moving all day.
4.      Carry around a water bottle and drink the whole thing before dinner. I learned this trick from a friend. If you like the water bottle and it’s sitting next to you the whole day, you will reach for that instead of a soda.
5.      Have homemade popcorn on hand for snacks. It’s easy to make, cheap, and healthy if it’s not drenched in butter.
6.      Keep Oreos, Chips, Ice Cream and other junk food out of the cabinets. If it’s not there, I can’t eat it. If I REALLY want it I have to go all the way to the store to get it and that means I won’t.
7.      Take a walk outside at least once a week and take a Spinning class every two weeks.
8.      Eat at home at least 5 nights a week. If I am making it, I know what’s in it.
9.      Make sure I laugh at least once a day. Enjoy life, have fun and don’t take myself so seriously.
10.  Drink a full glass of water before bed.

What are some of your resolutions? How do you plan on making the most of 2014??


  1. You and me both, sister! Cannot wait to be in the Tomassetti-Harris wedding with you! :) XO

  2. Also - I keep a cute water bottle on my desk at work. I find myself mindlessly drinking out of it when I'm bored or concentrating on reading something. Before I know it - I've had 3 whole bottles before lunch. My kidneys will thank me one day.

  3. Yeah girl!!!! Love it. Let's keep each other in check. All great ideas and may be taking a few for myself :)

  4. Great goals! I'm bringing back the water first thing too- it makes such a huge different! That, and focusing on fitting in as many greens and as much protein as I can. Good luck!