Friday, January 10, 2014

First Finally

I was growing tired of the Friday Five concept and whatwithit being a New Year and all I decided to try something new: a segment on Fridays called FINALLY. I’m the kind of person that has a to-do list that is a mile long and I always have new ideas, projects, errands and life goals that need accomplishing. Sometimes I get to my to-do list immediately, but more often than not I find the same item on the list eight weeks later only to say…shit.

For the last two-ish years, it’s been a joke that my computer is about to die- I’ve had it for six years, used it through college and I am typing on it right now. Finals week my senior year of college I had my computer up and running for about 46 hours. As soon as I got to the hotel with my family, the computer crashed. The episode of Grey’s that I was DYING to watch…it would have to wait until my boyfriend dragged out his work computer because my computer wouldn’t turn on. In fact, it took 4 hours to turn it on to update it and four more to open a functioning internet browser. Every major holiday and birthday since, it’s been a suggestion that I ask for a new computer. You might have guessed that I’ve shrugged each and every opportunity off by saying, “eh,” and asking for anything and everything else.

Once I got home from college, I rarely used my computer for about a year. I was exhausted after work and anything I needed/wanted to check could be accessed from my phone. Enter summer research phase of post-college. I went back to school to study spiders and the like for six weeks and study for the DAT. Low and behold: I needed my computer all day long again! My old dinosaur brick started, but my boyfriend suggested I take his barely-used, fancy laptop just in case. After the first week, I realized I should have listened when my old brick crashed once a day, but I was too stubborn to admit I finally needed a new computer. I finished out research and 3 more months of studying for the DAT with my brick.

Enter blogging: If college didn’t kill my computer, if research didn’t kill my computer, if DAT programs didn’t kill my computer, blogging would, right? WRONG. It’s still kicking, albeit the twenty minute start-time. But, what kind of FINALLY post would this be if I didn’t say: I have finally decided to use a new computer. Well, I have finally decided to use a new computer. This hard-drive is packed with scientific papers, filled with viruses, and is SO slow, that I can take a shower and get ready before it boots up. Because I will hopefully be embarking on a new education era and because my business requires a reliable hard-drive, I am finally going to retire my old brick. Finally.

Here’s to 2014 and at least 52 things I can FINALLY cross off my list this year! 

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  1. Love this idea! Can't wait to read about all your finally-s this year :)