Friday, January 17, 2014


Today is a very monumental day because I am venturing out of my neighborhood to get dressed up like a flapper and attend Second City Food, Wine + Social Club’s Speakeasy Soiree event! I am ending my hibernation and finally leaving Streeterville, an event that has been non-existent since fall. It’s no secret that I am a homebody; my normal amount of excitement usually parallels excitement felt by going to the grocery store. Sidenote: in the midst of all this record-breaking, cold weather, it’s been a challenge to get me out the door to even go to the aforementioned grocery store! Because my neighborhood offers everything I need to function and maintain a small shred of a social life, I truly have not left since before the holidays. Instead, Dan and I have found comfort in the bars, restaurants and lounges located just a couple of blocks away. Below I’ve listed a few of our favorites and I guarantee if you frequent any of our spots, you will run into us. After tonight, we will probably remain rooted in Streeterville until I can wear shorts, but tonight, I’m FINALLY leaving.

Streeterville Picks:
Local Root
Emilio’s Tapas
Coco Pazzo
Bar Toma
Timothy O’Tooles


  1. I was just at Coco Pazzo for my mom's birthday on Wednesday :)

  2. PREACH! I love our hood :) I have actually never tried Bar Toma... we should go! (In February!)

  3. Love Coco Pazzo! My boyfriend and I enjoy sitting at the bar with a few appetizers and a bottle of wine!