Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Knot-ch Hair

Top knots have been part of my daily “beauty” repertoire for at least 5 years now- it is a mere coincidence (read: miracle) that they are also considered stylish. It may be a learned habit from my twenty-plus years of dancing, but I feel so much more put together with my hair up and out of my face. With the exception of a misfortunate, elementary school bob, I have always had long hair; I love it and I would be sad without it, but after three hours of wearing my hair long, I put it up. I’m sure those of you who know me think three hours is a generous amount of time, but I digress. On a typical day, I let my hair air-dry and immediately toss it up into something resembling a bun. If I am seeing another human, I go for the structured top knot instead of the usual unkempt bird’s nest top knot, but sometimes there is no difference. 

Part of my love for the top-knot is the ease.  It takes 45 seconds and can be secured using bobby pins, a hair tie or a clip. With straight, newly washed hair, I usually secure it with a hair tie or a clip to avoid bobby pins slipping. If I’ve curled it, used hair spray, or am working with day-old hair, I secure the top knot with bobby pins to give it the more polished look.


  1. Love your top knot- mine always looks like I just plopped mine on my head. ha!

  2. Thanks, Katie! Most of the time, mine does too!