Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work it Out

With January coming to a close, I am guessing most people have either abandoned their New Year’s resolutions or have started to experience the “why, oh why, did I decide this was a good idea” moment. I, myself, have started to experience the whyyyy-moment and have thus decided to renew my goals and energy by posting about cute workout clothes/equipment. Maybe if I think about my upcoming trip to Mexico I will want to work out; however, if that fails, I’m sure to want to work out if I have this cute workout bag and new tennis shoes, right? Eh. Keep trucking. I am nearing the two-year-mark with my gym shoes so purchasing a new pair is far from an impulse buy; pink is cheerful enough. Here are a few new-found picks along with some of my favorite stand-bys:

5.      Manduka Towel $16
6.      Nike Running Shoe $100
8.      S’well Water Bottle $40
10.  Yurbud Earbuds $30


  1. That Under Armour duffel is so cute! Also, love Sun Bum sunscreen, it has the perfect coconut-y, beachy scent!

  2. Thank you! I saw it and immediately thought of summer!

  3. I think we need to plan a Flywheel date to cure your woes- I like going at lunch. E-mail me and we'll set it up. :)