Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To: Clean Your Wooden Cutting Board

One of my favorite DIY secrets is for cleaning wooden cutting boards and other kitchen tools with a grainy surface. To clean, pour one line of course salt and one line of baking soda across the wooden surface. With a semi-juiced lemon, scrub the wooden board moderately hard, mixing the salt and baking soda with the lemon juice. Once the wooden board is thoroughly covered in the lemon/salt/baking soda mixture, let it rest for at least five minutes before gently rinsing with water and thinly coating with polishing oil. Not only does your cutting board smell better, it is disinfected and ready to use again! This quick and easy DIY project makes me feel better about cutting vegetables the day after we make chicken stir-fry J

P.S. We are becoming Paytington and Co. on Monday!  

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