Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's in a Name?

On Monday, Living’s as Easy as 312 will become Paytington & Co.- a Luxuriously, Ordinary Lifestyle Blog! It’s been 9 months since I started blogging and after discovering how much I loved this creative outlet, I knew I wanted to refine my site and make it an all-encompassing lifestyle resource.

So where did the new name come from? As some of my avid readers know, I have a miniature dachshund named Payton and a boyfriend with a knack for irritating me, out of love (most of the time). To further my irritation, Dan gives Payton a new nickname every afternoon; while some are endearing, others are just plain stupid. A few months ago, one of those nicknames was Paytington, because she was being too much of a princess to go by Payton that day; according to Dan, she needed something a bit more regal. From there, Paytington has been embraced by my family as her pet name, for when she is being especially sweet, and it’s stuck around here as one of our rotating favorites.

To me, Paytington and Company is truly fitting; I am living life surrounded by those I love, including little Paytington, and of course all attention is always awarded to our regal dog, as it should be. In the weeks to come, I will be introducing several new series posts and striving to produce quality, daily content to better the lives of my readers. Look for a brand new layout, updated pages and exciting new content starting Monday! 


  1. Can't wait, K! I'm glad it's finally happening...it's been a long time coming :) XO

  2. Good for you! Can't wait to see what you make of it!

    Danielle @ Allusional

  3. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see Paytington!

  4. Love this Katherine! Just found this and love that you did such an incredible job with your site redesign!