Thursday, July 25, 2013


{Highlands golf course at the Grand Geneva}
My dad taught me to golf when I was a little girl. He needed to practice for business outings and would take me to his lessons and to local courses on the weekends as company. It has become a bit of a father/daughter tradition for golf with each other when we are on vacation and Lake Geneva was no exception. While we have gotten much better over the years, there are still several embarrassing shots and quite a few lost golf balls. Here are a few glimpses of our golf outing
{My first drive of the day got all the way to the 150 yd marker!}

{Gopher head cover for my preferred driver-channeling Caddyshack}

{Hole #7: The Wee Nip}

{Wildlife encounter with a few wild turkeys on the fairway}

{Sporting my yellow golf outfit and glove}

{A much needed snack on hole #13}

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