Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taste of Chicago

{enjoying spicy jerk chicken at the Taste}
It had been two years since we'd attended the Taste of Chicago and our visit on Saturday did not disappoint. Knowing it would be hot, crowded, and chaotic, we were able to look past the annoyances that come with festival territory and enjoy the food. Last time, I had the best steak taco I had ever tasted, so naturally, I went searching for a steak taco to beat it. The one I found may not have beaten the original but it was certainly delicious. The Carbon Mexican grill was by far my favorite booth, serving up both a wonderful steak taco and a tortilla encrusted tilapia taco; the combination of hot weather, sizzling meat, and a cold beer started the afternoon the right way. After spending 10 minutes inhaling tacos, we found Iyanze’s West African booth, serving up spicy jerk chicken, and The Smoke Daddy, delivering sweet pulled pork. Both were fabulous. The rest of the afternoon was spent finding undiscovered treasures, like a huge slice of watermelon, sweet tea, and amazing pickles. Sidenote: if I could eat bread and butter pickles every day of the year, I would. The two hours we spent at the Taste was well worth the hassle. If nothing else, I can't wait to find new tacos next year and we will definitely be trying the Carbon Mexican Grill sometime soon.
(amazing tacos from Carbon}

{the custest pickle stand with delicious bread and butter pickles)

{West African Booth)

{Spicy Jerk Chicken}

(intense grilling and chopping}

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