Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How-To: At Home Brick Oven Pizza

Even though I am a Chicago girl through and through, and I love deep-dish pizza the best (because of the crust), I do love the crisp, slighty-burnt taste of brick oven pizza. Additionally, it’s quite difficult to make deep dish pizza at home, I’ve tried. A couple of months ago, Flour and Stone opened a block away from our apartment and it prompted a constant brick-oven pizza craving, probably because I can smell it every time I walk outside. I started making at-home pizza with my boyfriend while I was in college, and now I almost prefer it. It allows me to customize the pizza and omit cheese. I know, I know, gasp…I do not like cheese. Every time I order pizza, I pick the cheese off the pizza and eat the toppings with a fork. Sacrilegious, maybe to you, but it’s what I do. Here is my traditional at-home pizza combination:

Note: Most times, local pizza parlors will let you purchase pizza dough to take home; this time we used a store bought crust with Italian seasoning and it was delicious. To get the true brick-oven experience, dust the dough with flour before placing it in the oven and line the outer crust with melted butter. Yummy! 

{We always brown the sausage before we cook the pizza}
{Add plenty of fresh basil and pineapple}
{Bake in oven at 450 degrees for 10 minutes}
{Tastes just like brick oven pizza with crisp crust and piping hot toppings! Enjoy with a glass or two of your favorite red wine!}

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  1. That looks delicious! I'm a fan of a nice crisp and well done crust too:) I think I'll be having pizza for dinner tonight! (Oh, and let's not forget the wine:P)