Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

{I love to mix Reese's pieces with popcorn!}
Hello and happy Friday! I am sorry for the lack of Halloween posts the latter half of this week. Several of the posts required water and clean dishes, which is difficult when your building has emergency plumbing problems and needs to shut off the water. Nevertheless, the pumpkin seed recipe and a Halloween-themed cocktail how-to will be posted sometime in the coming week. There is still plenty of time to celebrate! This week went by quickly and I know this weekend will, too. We are celebrating a couple family birthdays and getting ready for our trip to visit my sister next weekend. Today’s Friday Five highlights how I like to enjoy my favorite Halloween candy! Have a great weekend! 
{Bart Simpson said it best... but I love these crushed over ice cream}
{Kit Kat bars are perfect by themselves; fun fact: my first AOL screenname included this candy}
{Twix and a diet coke was my go to snack in high school}
{Snickers are my all-time favorite candy; I will eat them in a box, on a fox, etc. My favorite way? Frozen}

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