Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pretzel Brats

I am sorry for my long absence, but the past week has been incredibly busy and I am afraid it will be the same for the next couple of weeks. That being said, I have realized that I do, in fact, need my blog to maintain sanity throughout chaos. About a week ago, we decided to make appetizers for dinner and we came across this recipe for pretzel brats. Once I got over my anxiety about making the dough from scratch, the process was fairly simple and the result was worth any hassle. We used our abundance of mustard for dipping and we will definitely be making these several times during Bears season! 


  1. This look yummy!


    1. Thanks, Dea! They are wonderful!
      xx Katharine

  2. These look amazing! So cute for a summer get-together!

    Eleanor - The Greenville Foodist www.greenvillefoodist.com