Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Tray

Hello! I’m sorry for my long absence but I am back and blog posts will appear regularly. I while ago I found a pin on Pinterest about how to properly decorate and fill a tray. I took a stab at it and was surprisingly pleased with the results. The fall colors look beautiful in our dark dining room and I am happy every time I walk by the tray and see the small deer from Pier 1. I found maroon eucalyptus at our local Treasure Island and it took a week of me walking back and forth to succumb and buy some. I used the extra eucalyptus arrangements to decorate other areas of our apartment. It smells like fall and I can’t wait to experiment with a winter tray!What do you think? 


  1. How cute! Also- I want that Audrey Hepburn book! Is it just as lovely as I imagine it to be??
    Lauren at www.lakeshorelady.com

    1. Thank you! And I am so in love with my Audrey book! Anthropologie has the BEST coffee table books :-)
      xx- Katharine