Thursday, September 26, 2013

October Bucket List

Even though I am sad summer is officially over, I am so excited for this coming October. It will be busy and hectic, but full of fun! Additionally, I have many new things planned for the blog this October, including a full Halloween week with themed recipes, d├ęcor, and costumes. If there is anything you’d like me to post about, let me know! For today, I have compiled a list of ten things I want to do this coming October. I know the month will go quickly, but I want to make sure it is packed with fall activities and plenty of family time.

1.      Watch a sunrise in the park with coffee and donuts. I love when the leaves change and I’ve always wanted to see it at sunrise!
2.      Go to a pumpkin patch for a day and enjoy hot apple cider.
3.      Try a new pumpkin seed recipe; I have a few in mind!
4.      Tailgate at a college football game.
5.      Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags. I haven’t been for over a decade and in years past, it didn’t go well.
6.      Host a Halloween Party!
7.      Dress up for Halloween and watch the Original Halloween movie with pizza. A tradition that started while I was in high school. I’m sure I’ll add wine now.
8.      Go on another Goose Island Brewery tour. We had so much fun on the last tour and a beer tasting sounds like the perfect fall activity.
9.      Complete a DIY project for the apartment.

10.  Go to an Oktoberfest and celebrate the right way (beer, pretzels, fried pickles). 

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