Monday, September 30, 2013

Chocolate-Caramel Doughnut Holes

Sometimes I just need something sweet, hilarious, no?  Because my entire career is going to be dedicated to taking care of sweet tooth cravings and repairing cavities, I naturally need to create work for colleagues and indulge in red wine and chocolate doughnuts myself.  I found the recipe last week while I was looking for Halloween desserts and it looked too good to not try it. These doughnuts, while they take longer than expected, are completely worth the trouble. They taste delicious and make a box of munchkins look like an acceptable daily breakfast. Try them, you will not be disappointed. 
{Set out all necessary ingredients}
{Mix all dry ingredients together as directed}
{Mix wet ingredients separately; once consistent, combine wet ingredients with dry}
{I froze the rest of the buttermilk because it goes bad quickly; easy for weekend pancakes}
{Mix dough on counter until smooth}
{Roll until 1/3 " thick}
{I didn't have a circular cookie cutter, so I used a snowflake instead}
{It was easy to pinch the sides together}
{Set all snowflakes/shapes out for filling}
{I halved the caramels to maximize melting}
{Place 1/2 caramel in each snowflake/shape}
{I kept them on baking sheets and in doughnut trays while other doughnuts were being fried}
{Payton wanted to help; sadly she couldn't taste test the doughnuts}
{P.S. I rolled the fried doughnuts in brown sugar instead of granulated because I like to break rules}


  1. These look absolutely delicious. And I love the idea of less carmel to maximize melting! Payton is adorable!!!

    Luci's Morsels - fashion. food. frivolity.

  2. Wow those look so good! Excited to try to make them!


    1. They are worth every minute!

  3. These look soooo good! I will for sure have to try these! Love Payton, my dogs always try to "help" when I cook too. They make quite a good clean up crew:)