Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sur Ma Table

Dan and I are beginning to embrace entertaining; whether it be dinner, a cocktail party, or a Bears’ indoor tailgate, there are entertaining essentials that you don’t know you need until you go shopping. As documented here, going to Sur la Table is a dangerous affair, especially with holiday season in full swing. How do you put together a welcome toast for family? I don’t know, but I’m sure this Santa spatula will help. In light of my inevitable trip before Thanksgiving, I am putting together a list of Must Own holiday items from Sur la Table (read: items I want and am attempting to justify purchasing for our Thanksgiving trip). 

1.      Rustic pumpkin soup bowl, $10 
2.      Copper, waffle-ribbed placemats, set of 4 $24 
3.      Sphere ice molds, $11 
4.      Reindeer topiary that is too adorable to pass up, $70 
5.      Mini holiday cookie cutters, set of 12, $6 
6.      Classic glass drip coffee maker, $35 
7.      Glass bottles for infused water, $9 
8.      Small cast iron skillets, perfect for mini frittatas! $11 
9.      Classic red wine decanter, $40 
10.  Bloom napkins, set of 4 $16