Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

It always seems that people want to meet for coffee; well, I found a place people will want to meet for tea over coffee. This place is David’s Tea and there are a couple of shops here in Chicago. I had originally heard about David’s from my friend Bryn, who lives in NYC; I was so intrigued that I made a trek to our Lincoln Park location and fell in love. That’s right, with tea. Previously, my go-to tea was either Earl Grey or English Breakfast. Now, it’s almost impossible to choose! Look for David’s tea in my upcoming holiday gift guide but for now, here are my five favorite teas from David’s Tea: 
Cold 911 (organic): an herbal tea perfect for getting rid of the winter colds we all get

Glitter and Gold: a cinnamon, black tea that shimmers once gold sugar crystals dissolve

Read my Lips: a black tea with hints of peppercorn, chocolate, vanilla, and mint; sinfully delicious 

Santa's Secret: peppermint black tea with sprinkles of candy canes

The Earl of Lemon: a fresh, white tea that combines classic Earl Grey with citrus 

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