Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How To: Rustic Tablescape

I have been a fan of decorating tables for quite some time; it helps when your mother taught you to appreciate finesse and trips to Pier 1 at a young age. Putting together a simple tablescape adds just the right amount of finesse and is an easy way to pull together a look. Last night, The Second City Food, Wine +Social Club had its inaugural event and I was lucky enough to dress the tables!  Our rustic look was fairly simple to achieve and would be perfect for a family dinner or a romantic table setting this winter. Here is how we did it:
-         After pressing and arranging cream-colored linens, we added a burlap runner to the table.
-         Next, we arranged a series of wine bottles on the runner and adorned each with a white tapered candle; all tapered candles were burned to different lengths. Tip: if you burn the bottom of the taper before you place it in the wine bottle, the melted wax will help it stick. No fires!
-         We placed larger white candles between some of the wine bottles. Those, too, were different lengths.
-         Fresh greenery was placed around the candles to soften the tablescape. The greens were unscented and without flowers; any scent would have prevented guests from properly smelling the wine.
-         Name cards were inserted into wine corks; the wine corks were altered to prevent rolling.
-         Each place was set with a customized menu and tasting notes. 

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1 comment:

  1. Not only are the tables gorgeous, the place cards I saw on Instagram were so personal & sweet. You did a fantastic job!