Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wine Tasting 101: 5 Tips for an Aspiring Wine Connoisseur

I have collaborated with our very own Windy City Epicurean, of Second City Food, Wine + Social, to bring you five easy wine tasting tips. While most of us are with our families this week, why not have a bottle (or three) of wine the right way! Discover what you like and enjoy!

5 Easy Wine Tasting Tips for the Aspiring Wine Connoisseur 

1.  Small amounts of wine in a large glass - Wine needs air and oxidation to expose the nuances and umami of the wine.  Pouring 2-3oz of wine in a large glass will allow you to swirl the wine around and incorporate the air in the glass.  

2.  Buy a set of decent wine glasses - Having decent wine glasses is important when it comes to drinking wine, if you want to really appreciate what the winemaker had in mind for the wine.  

3.  Remember the hot climate/cool climate method - Hot climate = more full-bodied wines and more alcoholic wines.  Cool climate = leaner wines, more acidic and lesser alcohol.  Do you like big, tannic California Cabernet Sauvignon? Stick with regions that are known for hot weather. 

4.  Treat wine like mouthwash in your mouth - Take a good 1/2 oz swig of wine into your mouth, and swish it around like mouthwash.  Get it in your gums and all around your mouth, and hold it for a few seconds.  This will allow you to get a full scope of what the wine is meant to be. 

5.  Know the wine regions that give you the best value for your buck - As wine regions become more popular, the price of the wines go up.  If you are looking for an old world wine, try Spanish and Austrian wine, for the best values.  They are constantly trying to make their way into America, and subsequently will price their wines to get sales.  There are very, very few BAD Spanish and Austrian wines.  


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  3. Thanks for posting this Katharine! Anytime you need help with more wine tips, or advice for your readers, let me know!