Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The League

Let’s be honest here, I’m tired and I’m cold. I had several posts in mind for today, but those are going to have to hold off because I’m tired and cold and frankly not in the mood to make them look acceptable. Today, I am sharing a second TV workout because, let’s face it, that’s what I will be doing today. This one is geared towards both men and women, fun fact: it’s become one of my new favorite shows. So, grab a beer, click the post, print the post out, do THE LEAGUE workout. I understand the beer (or glass of wine) is counter-intuitive, but just go with it because you are tired and cold, too. Girls, if you are in the mood to be really girly, do the FRIENDS workout instead. I, however, will be watching The League and laughing about Mr. McGibblets all afternoon. Cheers!

P.S. Readers, I was serious when I said I’d give you a bottle of wine if you guessed the name of my new site. Whoever comes closest wins. Wine isn't your thing? Ok, you win an Arrogant Bastard Ale. 

Warm up with jumping jacks from the beginning scene through the League intro/logo

Every time Andre wears a hat                                                         10 push-ups
Every time Andre is made fun of                                                           10 squats
Every time Kevin has to Yobogoya                                                20 high knees
Every time you see Mr. McGibblets                                                    10 burpees
Every time Taco has a business plan/new hobby                      30 second plank
Every time Taco is with a girl                                            20 mountain climbers
Every time they are at Gibson’s                                                    10 jump squats
Every time Ruxin talks about his hot wife                                            10 lunges
Every time Shiva is mentioned                                                        30 ice skaters
Every time Rafi does something crazy                     20 tricep dips using counch
Every time Jenny gets competitive                                               10 sumo squats
Every time there is a college flashback                                     10 jumping jacks
Every time you see an NFL player guest star                                  10 push-ups

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