Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Spinning Playlist and Workout

A few months ago, I posted a Fall Spinning Workout to motivate myself, and anyone else who wanted to use it, to do something other than sit on the couch or do the same treadmill routine over and over again. While I don’t do it often enough, Spinning is still one of my guilty pleasures. It is how I justify that third glass of wine or that fifth Christmas cookie. With holiday season in full swing, I thought I would dream up another Spinning workout in hopes that I, myself, will use it, especially after last week's gluttonous behavior.

If your gym has spin bikes, go ahead and use one if there isn’t a class scheduled. Any stationary bike with resistance will work, but spin bikes are built for the resistance and versatility. Go at your own speed and remember to have fun!

This work out is an interval workout and timed at 45 minutes. If you are a beginner, just do as much as you can! As I have said before, the first time I did a Spin workout, I almost didn’t make it through the class. Just stick with it and remember that simply sitting on the bike and pedaling with minimal resistance is a workout, too.

-         Heads Will Roll (3:42) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
o   This is always my warm-up song and it is just long enough to explain rules, get blood flowing through your limbs and get everyone used to my horrible jokes. For this first song, just get used to the bike. Make sure there is enough resistance on your pedals. You should always feel like you are pushing the pedals. On a scale of 1-10, you should be pushing at a 3 or 4. Keep your abs in, your shoulders relaxed, and your back straight. Make sure you are also pedaling with a flat foot. Pedaling with pointed toes or leading with your heels is not good for you and it will HURT later. This would be a good time to make sure you have water and a towel.
-        Unconditionally (3:48) Katy Perry
o   Go ahead and add enough resistance on your bike so you can stand up and run. On a scale of 1-10 it should be about a 5-6. You should be able to move the pedals without them skipping. During the chorus, take it to a climb (or hand position 3). After this song you should be warmed up.
Interval 1:
-         Bound 2 (3:49) Kanye West  
o   Quick! Before you judge me too harshly, you must know two things. One: I always include a Kanye West song in my playlists. Two: I am in no way saying this is a quality song or that I like the video. Now that I have cleared the air with that, this song is perfect for a flat road and if you think about the ridiculous video, it will make the song enjoyable… like you are on the ridiculous motorcycle riding a flat road, too (sans Kimye). If all else fails, think of the James Franco and Seth Rogan Bound 3 video. Sit with your butt far back on the seat and set resistance at 4-5. Breath. Drink some water. Find the quicker beat, settle in. Flat road doesn’t mean easy song. Feel your legs working. Instead of peddling “down,” think about peddling in a circle. The rotation is a clock. Push out with your quad to “3 o’clock” and pull up with your hamstrings from “8 o’clock” to “12 o’clock.” Push/pull with your muscles. Abs in and breath. Shoulders down.
-        TKO (7:04) Justin Timberlake
o   Light climb here. Get lost in the music. Turn it up. Resistance between a 6 and 7. This is a good song to check form. Abs still in, shoulders still down, ass still down/back over the seat of the bike. Your hands shouldn’t be gripping the life out of the bike. No white knuckles. This is where your body starts to work. This is the time to burn fat and use those muscles. WORK. Move around the bike and switch between a run and a climb. If you know how to figure-8, use a 4 count figure-8 the last half of the song.
-         Royals (3:10) Lorde
o   Add resistance, stand and do circuits. Just like jumps, circuits move you around the bike, but you go: sit-run-climb-run-sit = 1 circuit. Find the beat and start when you are ready! 4 count circuits the whole song! You can do it! Rest song next!!!
-        Santa Baby (2:49) Eartha Kitt
o   This is your rest song. You are half-way done! This doesn’t mean relax. It should still be hard. Your resistance should be between a 4-5 out of 10. If you relax too much and let your heart rate come down to resting it will be SO hard to start working again. Once you catch your breath, add resistance and stand to run. Light run.
Interval 2:
-         Timber (3:42) Ke$ha
o   Jumps here! Take the faster beat and we are going to ladder the jumps. It’s easy to find the beat here, the beginning points it out. Start in a run and start jumps once singing starts; 8 counts up –one count equals a full pedal rotation with both right and left leg-, 8 counts down (3x); 4 and 4 (3x); 2 and 2 (6x); 1 and 1 (6x); 2 and 2 (6x); 4 and 4 (3x); 8 and 8 (6x); finish the rest of the song in a run. Make sure you use your legs, don’t cheat and pull yourself up with your hands. Land softly and with control.
-         Say Something (3:52) A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera
o   Intense climb here. You should be exhausted after this song. Don’t discount it because it’s slow. Resistance at an 8 or 9. (10 being, the pedals won’t move). The beat is slow; keep your abs in, hands in position 3. Keep your butt BACK over the seat. Smile. Halfway through the song, add more resistance! DO IT. This is hard. If you aren’t tired, you are not doing it correctly. Think about why you are spinning. If you want to close your eyes, go ahead. Why are you at the gym? Think about it. Holiday season? New boyfriend? Old boyfriend? New Year’s Party? You are already working out, just do it! Finish the song all the way through.
-         All I Want for Christmas is You (4:01) Mariah Carey
o   When you are ready, add enough resistance to do a light run. Make sure your abs are in and your hands are light on the handlebars. This is your chance to move around the bike. Use this song and do whatever you want. If you like jumps, do more. If you like circuits, do that. If you want to sprint, do that. Take this song to work out whatever you want to work out, but make sure you are doing just that…no cheating.
-        Cherry Pie (3:21) Warrant
o   For anyone that has ever taken my spinning class before, I am notorious for using this song at the end of a class. PICKUPS. This is the last song of the workout and it is your chance to wipe out and empty your tanks. Every chorus, add the resistance and pedal as fast as you can. Resistance is important so you don’t lose control of the bike. Add it on and work!!!!!!!! There are three pick-ups in this song and the last one is doubled in length! Last chance to make the most of the work out!
Cool Down:
-         Mistletoe (3:55) Colbie Caillat
o   Slow the pedals down and when you are ready, get off the bike and stretch.  You did it!!!
-         Christmas Without You (3:17) OneRepublic
o   Stretch more than you think you need to stretch; it’s probably cold outside.


  1. Printed & bookmarked...now as soon as I'm not sick anymore I'm ready to go.

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