Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rosemary Butter Cookies

 As of late, I have been baking more than I usually do, probably due to large amounts of stress. It’s great because we always have something sweet in the house, but it’s bad because I am one of two people who live here and I eat about ½ of all the sweets. My latest baking endeavor was tackling these Rosemary Butter Cookies, recipe found here. It was a simple recipe and the results were way better than I anticipated; for a few hours, our apartment smelled like a high-end spa with freshly baked cookies. I may have to bake them again just to make our apartment smell like a relaxation room. Oh, and they taste fabulous, too! Here's how it went:
{Mix the butter and granulated sugar together...}
{until it looks like this}
{Add egg, vanilla, and then flour- one cup at a time}
{Push rosemary leaves off of the stalk}
{Finely chop rosemary}
{Add rosemary to cookie dough...then taste test...twice}
{Divide dough and form logs with parchment paper}
{Put in paper towel rolls to hold shape- I thought it was silly...but it really made a difference}
{Set in freezer for about an hour}
{Unroll and place on parchment paper to brush with egg white and sugar. Note: it gets a little messy}
{The sugar starts to dissolve a bit...it's ok}
{Cut into 1/4 in pieces and discard the oddly-shaped ends}
{Place about an inch apart...they do not expand in oven}

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