Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Only When It's Made Well

Yesterday, I stressed the importance of dressing like an adult. However, it’s essential to have basic tees, and even leggings, in my wardrobe. Those items are important and when worn properly, they can make a relaxed outfit look polished. I have been a fan of Madewell for quite some time, but, when I decided to start rebuilding my closet, their basic pieces were perfect for replacing old tees and adding color to my monochromatic (read: black) closet. Take away message: wearing t-shirts is perfectly acceptable when they are made well and not stained with wine. Also, leggings do have their place, but I am going to try  not to wear them for a few weeks. 

Some of my favorites: 
  1. I love the nautical feel of this striped shirt
  2. This slouchy but fitted sweatshirt would go with almost any pant and work almost anywhere
  3. A classic chambray (perfect for apple picking)
  4. Pocket sweaters have always been a favorite, but this Beautiful sweater (in blueberry) takes the cake.
  5. I love this colorful blouse in both "blood orange" and "sun-drenched lilac"

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